Posted by: kcarlson1970 | June 23, 2011

June 20, 2011: Joseph Calhoun

We started the day by waking up early for an amazing continental breakfast at our hotel. It is very nice to be able to wake up and enjoy a nice filling meal before spending the day exploring the town and traveling. When then hurried back to our room and packed up for our departure, which would come later in the afternoon. From there we went straight to the Technical University of Munich. We met with the dean of the Construction and Management department and his assistant. The dean introduced his department and the college. He explained how every student acquires their master’s degree, unlike in the United States. His assistant then explained the project delivery methods and construction contracts in Germany. It was very interesting to interact and discuss the similarities and differences of project delivery between Germany and the United States. After our discussion we were escorted to the University’s cafeteria, where we filled up on food before left for the rest of the day. After lunch the dean’s assistant and his colleague guided us into the center of Munich where we toured a construction site. This site was unlike any other we have seen before, even in the United States. The construction takes place within a historical building. The law in Munich states that the façade of historical building cannot be altered or destroyed if new construction is to take place within. It was very interesting because the existing walls were left in place and reinforced while the interior was destroyed and rebuilt with modern construction methods. This was by far our most favorite construction site visit in Europe. As soon as the visit ended, we rushed back to the hotel to gather our luggage because our train to Bonn was to leave in an hour. We made it to the train with a few minutes to spare. The ride to Bonn was almost six hours, but it was nice to sit and relax after such a hectic day.


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