Posted by: kcarlson1970 | June 23, 2011

June 21, 2011: German Lessons by Douglas Doucette

Today started bright and early with a quick breakfast at the dorms, and then it was off to the AIB building for a German 101 class. The class was taught by Nils, our AIB advisor, who has been showing us around Germany. Though the pronunciation was often difficult, we learned enough basic German to get by. We learned things such as “Wo bist du?” which means “Where are you?” and “Donaudampfschiftahrtshapitansmutze” which is the cover of a captain of a steam boat on the Danube River. Needless to say, it’s a good thing a lot of people here speak English!

Later in the day, Dr. Rainer Zack, the Managing Director of AIB led us on a quick historical tour of Bonn. He pointing out various interesting points of the city, but perhaps the most interesting was Roman ruins under the foundation of a building in Bonn. Once the ruins were discovered, they redesigned the foundation so that the ruins remained undisturbed and accessible. Dr. Zack explain to us what we were looking at, and it turns out the Roman knew what they were doing. They had heated floors in their houses! After learning how this system worked, we moved on with our tour and eventually said goodbye to Dr. Zack.

After a quick lunch in a local beer garden, we visited Solar World, one of the world leading providers in solar panels. The building we visited was actually completely empty except for us which was odd, but our host soon explained that the company had grown so much that it had to relocate. The solar panel systems had not been moved yet, which is why we went to their older building. After seeing all the different systems and learning about how efficient they are, I think it is safe to say that we are all going to invest in solar panels once we start buying and building our own homes. After this long day, we made it to a beer garden to sample to local cuisine. We must have picked the right place because as soon as we were seated, we found Dr. Zack was at the same beer garden!


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