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June 22, 2011: Cologne, Germany by Trevor Evans

Guten Morgen!

Today we started off with a quick breakfast, and then headed on a chartered bus to Cologne, Germany. The ride took only about thirty minutes by bus. We started off the morning in Cologne with a city tour. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable about the history that had occurred in and around Cologne. It was extremely interesting listening to German history from a person with such a lively and enthusiastic point of view. We started off by talking about the Cologne Cathedral, which has been Colognes most famous landmark for centuries. The Cathedral took approximately 632 years to completely construct it. We then headed off to view the ancient roman remains under ground. Cologne is one of the oldest cities in Germany and is known as being an ancient city for a Roman Legion. Many of the remains have been uncovered within the last years and it was extremely awesome to see something from that time period. Throughout the tour some of the guys dropped off in the locally produced “cologne”  store and bought some  flower perfume for their much missed ladies at home…at least I hope it was for their ladies..We then concluded our tour with a walk around the local breweries and restaurants.

Next, we grabbed a quick bite at a local brewery and headed out to a lignite coal mine and power plant. We were given a quick presentation over the process and plant, and then taken out in a lifted off road bus that some of us referred to as “big tex”. We drove into the mine and truly got to see how the process worked. I know from the reactions of all the other students that everyone extremely enjoyed seeing such a huge operation. The coal was extracted by these huge 13,000 ton bucket-wheel excavators. After the area is cleared of all coal, RWE then reestablishes the earth to the way it used to be.

We then headed back into Cologne for a tour into the tower of the Cologne Cathedral. This was probably one of my most favorite parts of the day. The Cathedral itself has so much history within it. We were able to walk to the very top of the center tower. The view from the top was pretty amazing. The degree of art and preciseness that went into the sculpting of the Cathedral is astonishing. It was definitely one of those places I would recommend seeing. To see a church that has lasted throughout wars and all kinds of weather was a chance of a lifetime.

We then headed back to Bonn for a quick bite at a local burger joint and headed in for an early lights rest.

Until next time,

Thanks and Gigem

Trevor Evans



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