Posted by: kcarlson1970 | June 25, 2011

(Posted Late) June 18, 2011: Getting to Munich from Ireland by Brianna Blackwell

After a late night and only a few short hours of sleep, our day began bright and early at 5:00 am. We dragged ourselves to the bus that was waiting outside our Dublin apartments and headed to the airport. Fortunately, most of the group was able to catch a little extra sleep during the flight, and we arrived in Munich, Germany just before lunch. At the airport we were greeted by our AIB representative, Nils, who will be traveling with us for the rest of our time abroad. Nils took us to our hotel where we quickly dropped off our bags and grabbed an authentic German lunch, before heading out for a walking tour of Munich.

During our walking tour, we learned about the historical importance of Munich as the capital of the state of Bavaria. We walked through Marienplatz, the square that is considered the heart of Munich, where we watched the locals set up for this weekend’s festival. We then wondered throughout Viktualienmarkt, a very large market where fruit, cheese, sausage and other high quality food is sold. After walking around Munich all afternoon, most of was tired so we headed back to our hotel to relax before dinner.

For dinner, we all enjoyed another authentic German meal at the world famous Hofbrauhaus. After finishing our bratwurst, schnitzel, and a few liters of Hofbrauhaus famous brew, we headed to a nearby beer garden to finish celebrating Tyler’s birthday.



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