Posted by: kcarlson1970 | July 9, 2011

July 2, 2011: Interlaken by Brandon Lawshe

After getting to the hostile 1 minute before they closed the night before we woke up early Saturday morning to go canyoning in Interlaken, Switzerland. When we arrived at the company who would take us, we changed into our gear which included a wetsuit, lifejacket, and helmet. After taking a short bus ride up the mountain we then hiked for 5 min to get to where we would start our adventure. After getting in the water everyone was definitely awake because the water was so cold. We started our adventure making our way through the canyon by walking and sliding. We then encountered a huge cliff where everyone had to repel down. After going down the canyon a bit more we had to jump off a 30 foot cliff into a waterfall. After going down the chutes and sliding and jumping a bit more we were done. The 45 minutes it took us felt as if it were only 5! When we got done we all wanted to go eat. Knowing Switzerland was very expensive, we decided to check out the local McDonalds. After finding out that a McDonalds meal would cost 19 franks, we went to a cart to get a brat. We then headed back to the hostile and made a fire on the lake right outside our place. Once it got to be midnight we all decided to go back so we could be all rested up for white water rafting the next day!


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